FM16: “The Academics” – part XXVIII – Meet the squad after summer 2030

It was typical summer in our part of Copenhagen. Some of the key players moved abroad because our chairman love money from bigger clubs and we brought some new young and fresh legs for bargain prices.

And the best thing was that we signed the best Danish goalkeeper of the previous year for a free. And he is still only 23 years old.

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Transfers – summer 2030

It’s really weird I started 16th season with Akademisk because I did not expect I will have enough time for another long time save. In this case I can’t imagine I would have enough time to be almost in next millennium like @MerryGuido.

513044134460129f8f683ec1ab57e8b2If you read my previous parts of this save you can think you read the same words about transfers yet. It was again typical, maybe a little frustrating, summer. I knew for some weeks I will have to live without some very important players.

The main lost was as we had to sell central defender Peter  Thrane to Schalke 04. He was our defender #1 but he wanted to leave as Schalke offered big money to club and also to him.

I refused to sell some another players to bigger clubs and our chairman accepted five bids but I was able to talked to him and he brought his decision back what was nice gesture.

That means I can work with striker Michaelsen or midfielder Albi for another season. There were also two players who rejected move to Sevilla FC and Bayern München respectively because they wanted to stay with us. Great.


One day before the summer transfer deadline day we had to sell defender Rasmus Thrane to Sevilla and midfielder Oyvind Oygard to Manchester City. I, of course, refused the bid, but both of them were angry. It’s sad but I let them go and tried to negotiate the best additions as I can.

What about new players? We bought left defender Sebastian Tvedte from Fredrikstad, striker Alexander Schmidt from Midtjylland, right back Christer Wang from Notodden, central defender Jesper Christensen from Esbjerg and goalkeeper Mads Jessen for a free from FC Midtjylland.


Tvedte and Wang will play a lot of time in domestic competitions as I want they will improve thanks to playing time.

Mads Jessen will be our new #1 goalkeeper. He was voted the best Danish keeper last year and Midtjylland were not able to renew contract with him. Not due to a financial reasons but he wanted to go to better club. He is still only 23 years old and he could be our number one until the end of his career if everything will be alright.

Mads Jessen_ Overview Profile

Meet the Squad – 2030

We begin new season with the average age just under 20. We had some experienced players but there are many youngsters who mayber are not good enough for starting XI but I will give them all chance during long season and I hope they will improve.

Our new #1 goalkeeper Mads Jessen is one of our key players for next season but who else? The most important player in our defence is 20 years old René Sondergaard. This defender is from our own academy and he is with us from spring 2026.

He played only three matches during his first complete season but during last season he played more than 30 matches and he played also in Champions League. There is some interest in him but he signed a new five-year deal what is really great.

[Note: screen is from February 2031 – from winter break in this season – so you can see he is injured for several weeks]

René Sřndergaard_ Overview Profile

There are several key players in midfield area. Our most important player is Albi Sali in my eyes. He plays as Roaming Playmaker or Box to Box midfielder. This is his third season with us.

Peter Thomsen is also very important central midfielder for us, Martin Hansen (European Golden Boy last year), Neil Paterson on the left side…

…but my favorite midfielder is Nichlas Meyer. My love for him last for fifteen years so far when he joined our club as 16 years old. He played more than 350 matches so far and scored more than 100 goals. He is true legend of our club.

His attributes are lower than you would like from key player but every time he is on the pitch I’m sure he will score or create chances for another players.

Nichlas Meyer_ Overview Profile

The attacker number one is Henrik Michaelsen. 26 years old forward was with Bournemouth for one season but bought him back a couple of years ago and he is happy to be in our club. He set up club goalscoring record for most league goals from all players in club history. He has now 105 goals in 175 matches.

Henrik Michaelsen_ Overview Profile


As we play with many youngsters there are some of our hopes. Defender Peter Pedersen and Christer Wang will get their time in many matches during season as rotation option.

Midfielders Kim Hansen and Michael Madsen as well. In attack we have young strikers Alexander Schmidt and Benjamin Andersen or Anders Toxvaerd who was sold to Barcelona but he is with us on-loan.

Benjamin Andersen is very talented and I plan to give him more playing time this season as he was unhappy during last season because he played only for reserve team and for Under 19. I did not want to sent him to another club for loan spell because I did not want to risk he would be only bench player..

There are some other youngsters in our reserve and under 19 teams but they are not good enough yet to participate in senior squad. We’ll see if they improve in the future…

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  1. René Sondergaard is only 20 and he looks really solid. It’s unfortunate that he is listed as injury prone. Does he miss a lot of games for you?

    1. He played the whole 1st part of this season. He is not listed as injury prone, this is his second injury during last four years and it’s “only” for two monts. He was injured during the pre-season match in January. I’m in half of March so he is almost back on the pitch.

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