FM16: “The Academics” – part XXVII – Penalty hero

Hello everyone, I just started the 2030/2031 season with Akademisk Boldklub and I want to share one moment from the first weeks of this season. There is no transfer update or something else, just only one story from the ordinary domestic cup match.

We played against FC Vestsjaelland in the 3nd round of DBU Pokalen. It was absolutely not special match. Until the penalty shoot-out…

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This cup match was played 25th September 2030, just two weeks after an international break and one week after the first match in Champions League Group Stage. We had 19 players in various national teams and played this cup game between another two league matches against Viborg and Brondby.

That means only one thing – like every year many youngsters got their chance in the starting XI for this game. There were six players with the age of 17. Three players were older than twenty.

One of them was goalkeeper William Thorhauge. He is 24 years old and he eight years in the club so far. But he lost his number 1 post due to long injury so he has to fight for his place once again.

I always let my number 2 play in every domestic cup matches. Of course if number is not injured or something like that. So, Thorhauge has a chance that he will bring our club to jubilant 10th cup victory in last fifteen years.

Match with Vestjaelland was typical cup match with side from lower league. They were twice ahead by one goal but we were able to equalise only couple of minutes later – young midfielder Kim Hansen scored both our goals.

FC Vestsjćlland v AB_ Overview Overview

No goals were scored in the extra-time and match had to be decided by penalties. First four players from both tems scored their penalties but then our defender Jeppesen missed it. Birkedal from home team also did not score as Thorhauge caught the ball.


Our goalkeeper Thorhauge scored our fifth penalty by himself and then he caught Nielsen’s penalty.


That means we won 5-4 after penalties and the hero of the match was absolutely clear…


I like these little stories so thanks for reading this random save moment 🙂




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