FM16: “The Academics” – part XXV – Stadium expanded

If you read this part of this story you know that our AB Stadium was under reconstruction as club board decided to extend capacity to 19,212 seats. And all the works are completed so our stadium is open again and we could play at home.

the academics default

We had to start the 2029/2030 season “in exile” as we had to play our home matches at Telia Parken stadium and share the stadium with FC Kobenhavn. Our stadium was enlarged by another 6404 seats and the works took 10 months to complete. This is how our stadium look before expansion…

AB v AGF Aarhus_ Pitch Full-4-22

And after ten months (in March 2030) AB Stadium expansion was completed. The stadium seating capacity was increased by 6404 seats and the all-seater stadium will now accomodate a total of 19212 spectators.

The club moved back to their regualre home grown with immediate effect. This AB Stadium was built in 2021 when we were promoted to the Superliga and the stadium could be expanded to 20,000 in the future.

We played at Telia Parken most of the 2029/2030 season matches in domestic league and domestic cup and also in the Champions League. The capacity of Telia Parken is 38,076 seats.

And this is a new Highest Attendance record of Akademisk Boldklub because 38,076 spectators came to match against FC Kobenhavn.

But now we are back at home, at AB Stadium and we will play there for many years hopefully. And this is how AB Stadium look after expansion…

AB v SL Benfica_ Pitch Full-4

AB v SL Benfica_ Pitch Full-5

AB v SL Benfica_ Pitch Full-9

AB v SL Benfica_ Pitch Full-10

AB v SL Benfica_ Pitch Full-11

AB v SL Benfica_ Pitch Full-12

If you want to know how to see your stadium during 3D match view, read this #FM16 guide – HERE.

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