FM16: “The Academics” – part XXIV – End of an era

During the Akademisk Boldklub save I rolled many players in the Senior Squad. But there also some players who are very long time in the club and they became favored personel or legends of the club. If you read my stories you know I very like our regen Nichlas Meyer but this story is not about him. 

This story is about two players who left our club after many years and both of them were key players during thir whole time in Copenhagen. Story about Sergei Eremenko and Stamatis Manginas.

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Sergei Eremenko, brother of more famous Roman Eremenko and Alexei Eremenko, came to our club before 2020/2021 season from FF Jaro. I bought him for 240K and I had a plan he will be our key central midfielder in 4-1-4-1 or 4-2-3-1 formation.

He was able to play as CM, Deep Lying Playmaker, Roaming Playmaker and also as Attacking Midfielder.

He spent nine season with us and he was one of my favorite player in this save from all. He was reliable and he had a great stamina. He was able to play three matches during the week and his condition was still at the top level.

The best season from him was probably the 2025/2026 when he played “only” 39 matches in all competitions. He scored 4 goals and made 8 assists. He was named player of the match fifth times and he was the best rated player in the Superliga with average rating of 8.10.

After nine seasons he wanted to try something new and I let him go. He moved to French side Angers SCO and he left our club as one of legends.

Sergei Eremenko_ Overview Profile
Sergei Eremenko in 2020
Sergei Eremenko_ Overview Profile
Sergei Eremenko in 2029
Sergei Eremenko_ History Career Stats
Sergei Eremenko Career Stats

Stamatis Manginas. This strong central defender came to Akademis Boldklub in 2022 when we bought him from Randers FC for 300K.

He was in Greece Under 21 national team then and I had a clear that he will be my central defender number one. I hoped that we could keep him in the club for one or two seasons. He was there seven years.

He turned down some of very good offers during this time and stayed with us. He scored three goals during his seven years with AB, all of them after corner kick. He was like a rock in our defense.

Stamatis also became key member of Greece national team and he played more then 60 international matches. I loved how he was able to steal ball. He was master in it. And was able to play cleanly and without yellow or red cards.

He was also a great tutor for some young players who are still in the club or they moved to bigger european clubs for big money. Stamatis left our club in summer 2029 and he chose Lille OSC so he could meet Sergei Eremenko in Ligue 1.

Stamatis Manginas_ Overview Profile
Stamatis Manginas in 2022
Stamatis Manginas_ Overview Profile
Stamatis Manginas in 2029
Stamatis Manginas_ History Career Stats
Stamatis Manginas Career Stats

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