FM16 Guide: How to see your stadium in 3D

One of the best thing in Football Manager is when the board decided to build a new stadium or expand your old stadium. And I think I’m not the only one who wants to see the whole stadium during reconstruction and after the completion. I finally know how to see the whole stadium during the match. 

In September last year, I asked the Football Manager Twitter account if “is there some way how to see the whole stadium during match?” They replied “That’s a no. You generally only see snippets at the very beginning of the match.”


I found the trick how to see the stadium which mean you can make screenshots or you can use it for video etc. It’s very simple.

Guys from FM Twitter account are right that you can see stadium just only for a while at the start of the match. But we have to concentrate on the half-time.

When the 1st 45 minutes finished you make half-time team talk or some tactics change. When you click Start the second half, there will be a short shot at the whole stadium from above. Be sure you have Director camera angle in the settings.

Wait for the 2nd half kick off and click on the pause button. Then you click to rewind back button and you can take time back to the half-time or before the kick-off time. And Director camera will now run through a slideshow of different camera angles with the view from above included.

You can also make it in previous matches. Open match, click to “Upload highlights – Preview Clip – stop it and click at the time before the half-time on the timeline – wait to the half-time whistle and pause game.”

It will also show you a slideshow of different camera angles the same as during live match coverage.

Video by @jakzeh

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  1. Amazing! I have been trying to view the Stadium SIA files with a graphic editor without any luck! Just watched DoctorBenjy’s video and he mentioned this! Amazing Amazing! 😀 😀 😀 Thanks

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