FM16: “The Academics” – part XX – Meet the kids

If you read this story regularly you know I play mostly with young players. Some of them are still kids and before the 2027/2028 season there are some very good youngsters again. I want to introduce some of them. 

As you know during transfer windows I always lose players because they want to go to the bigger clubs. The summer 2027 was the same. I sold players for more than £23M and bought youngsters for only £2.97M. There are also some my own regens which will appear in games next season.

the academics default

I had to sell my goalkeeper number one – Ondřej Březina – for £10M to Leicester because he did not want to be in our club and wanted to go elsewhere. I decided our new number one will be Danish keeper William Thorhauge who is 21-years-old and we bought him as a teenager from Vendsyssel FF a few years ago.

He is developing very well and he impressed me during cup matches in previous seasons. He played in 18 league matches during the last season and he had 10 clean sheets which is really good.

In terms of defense, my main central defenders are Stamatis Manginas (29y) and Renato Kubiski (23y). Kubiski was bought this summer from Atlético Paranense but youngsters have always chance to shine in the starting XI.

The most promising player is probably Tobias Lutz. We bought him from Sparta Prague last summer for £3.3M and he played 19 league matches during his first season in Denmark. He was also brought to the German Under 21 national team. He is Central Defender and he improved some of attributes during last couple of months.

If he will not leave in near future he could be great successor of Manginas. We have also Jesper Jacobsen in the squad. He is also 19 years old and he played 16 matches last season but he was bought by Barcelona in the summer and stayed with us only for loan.

I also bought 16 years old defender Rasmus Thrane from rivals Lyngby just only for £220K. He is now the youngest member of the Senior Squad in the 2027/2028 season and he will play matches in UEFA Youth Champions League for our Under 19 team, in Reserve league and he will play maybe in some domestic cup matches.

His main position is Full Back which is great because this position is very important in our 4-1-4-1 formation. Full Backs have many assists so he has to work on his crossing but he has very good values of the main important attributes for this role. Marking – 12, Tackling – 14, Positioning – 12, Teamwork – 15. He could be very good in the future.

Rasmus Thrane_ Overview Profile-2

What about midfielders? I still have a weakness for regen Nichlas Meyer who is 26 years old now but he is still my first choice at left side but there are some youngsters. I bought Neil Paterson from Rangers this summer. This 18 years old midfielder is a member of Under 21 Scotland national team and he will learn how to play as a wide playmaker during this season.

There is also Flemming Skovby, defensive or central midfielder who played in five matches during last season in league and cup. He will get more time this season as Tved Hansen is getting older and is tired more often. Another new youngster is Martin Hansen from AGF Aarhus.

He played in the new season in three league matches and one in the cup. He scored two goals and made one assist. He also play very good for reserve and youth team. There is a chance he will be one time in the starting XI.

Very interesting player is Asle Runar. This Norwegian came to us two years ago when he was seventeen and played 30 matches for senior squad so far. He had bad injury last season and he is also wanted in rest of the Europe so we will if he can keep him there.

Probably the most young talented midfielder in our squad is Peter Thomsen. He came to the club from Midtjylland last year and he played 24 league matches in the first season, scored three goals. He had average rating of 7.40.

He plays in central midfield as Box To Box or Roaming Playmaker. During first months of the 2027/2028 season he played mostly as Box To Box and he scored five goals in 11 matches so far from this position.

I wanted to give him one more “testing” season but he plays very well and other more experienced players like Raundrup or Jensen have to wait for their chance. He was also called-up to the Denmark national team for the first time for EURO Qualification and made his debut November 2027…


The last few words will be about one striker. You could read about Henrik Michaelsen in the last part and he remains our number one striker. I improved his contract during summer and rejected move to English Premier League, he was wanted by Southampton and Stoke for example.

But this is about young striker Anders Toxvaerd. I signed him in January this year for 36K from AC Horsens and he played for reserve team during spring part of the season. His main role is Poacher or Advanced Forward but we play with False Nine so he was trained for this role during last couple of months.

He scored 15 goals in ten matches in reserve league in the second half of the season. He was promoted to the Senior Squad this summer as a cover of Michaelsen. His attributes are not good for False Nine role as he has to improve his Passing, Technique, Vision and Teamwork mainly.

But look at his stats in after first months of the new season. He played three games in reserve league – scored seven goals (including hattrick in six minutes in derby against Lyngby).

One match in UEFA Youth League – two goals + one assist; five matches (two in the starting XI) in Superliga – two goals + two assists. He scored 11 goals in 11 starts. He was also brought to the Under 19 national team and he scored three goals in three matches. Unfortunately he was injured in the last match so he will be sidelined for three weeks. But I really looking forward what he will achieve.

Anders Toxvćrd_ Overview Profile

There is Senior Squad list for the 2027/2028 season. The average age of the team is 21.18 years – the lowest in Superliga. The youngest is 16 years old, the oldest is 29.

Very important thing is that youngsters are there because they are able to play in the starting XI in domestic league and domestic cup. They are not here only to fill a space. During autumn we play in three competitions and there are matches every two or three days so all players have enough playing time.

It’s not unusual that I change the whole starting XI for league or cup match. Age does not matter…

Akademisk Boldklub Gladsaxe_ Players Players

And the last screen – the summary of the summer transfer window before 2027/2028 season. Barcelona bought again two our players but we managed to get them back on loan for this season. All players who left on-loan can be recalled if there will be injuries.

Akademisk Boldklub Gladsaxe_  Transfer History

Next post will be more traditional summary of the 2027/2028 season.

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  1. Nice update! 🙂

    You have some realy talented regens in your squad. Best of luck for the next year to you. I hope you can casue some upsets in Europe. 🙂

    Little bit off-topic: about 4-5 years, after upgrading every facilities in my ZTE save (I have everything maxed out) and hiring close-to-top scouts/HOYD/coaches/etc better players started to appear in my youth intakes (1-2-3 usually). It is a marvelous feeling… 😀 I can’t wait till the youth intake day every year. Unfortunately they are still far from my expectations, but the situation is not that bad as before…

    ON: can’t wait for the next update! Keep up the good work mate! Have a good week! 🙂

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