FM16: “The Academics” – part XVI – Part of the furniture

Ten years with the Akademisk Boldklub. FM16 is again one-long-save game for me with clear aims and I could say it’s still very enjoyable save as at the start. During previous ten years we were able to rise from the third tier to the top of Denmark. We have won the third league title in a row this season and fifth domestic cup trophy in a row.

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I have to say I didn’t expect we could won the league this year because I decided to change our whole tactic system. We played with 4-2-3-1 formation during the first nine seasons and it was succussful in high same as with Spartans FC during FM15 time. But I wanted to change something. So I started a process of „evaluation“ of some form of 4-4-2.

I will write more about it in next blog post so I only say that we ended with 4-1-4-1 after some months and it’s very interesting option.

This is my profile after ten years in charge of Akademisk Boldklub. (Working with younsters attribute is little weird in case of my young players policy…)

Keysi Rensie_ My Profile Profile

Transfers 2024/2025

We have lost some very important players during summer. Defender Thomas Frederiksen moved to Watford and became one of the best five left defender in Premier League during this season. Central midfielder Kristiand Laudrup signed for French side Troyes AC and striker Henrik Michaelsen left the club after £4M transfer offer from Bournemouth. Our chairman can not refused this offer.

Michaelsen came to our club a year ago and scored twenty goals during his first season. We have some additional fees in this transfers so we could participate on his next transfer.

What about new players?

It was interesting. My main priority was to sign goalkeeper Ondrej Brezina from Sparta Prague. He was on loan during last two seasons with us and we signed him for permanent basis. I still searching new young players and I discovered and signed some great footballers. For example left defender Jakob Kirk. He signed for us from Midtjylland and he will be our number one left back very soon. I’m sure.

We also signed youngsters Mladen Pepic (M/AML), Mikkel Nielsen (CD) and Frederik Hansen (ST). During august we signed 18-years-old defender Silviu Ghetu on-loan from Arsenal. He could play at all positions in defense and he is member of Romania Senior National team.

During first half of the season I scouted the young central defender Rasmus Koch and we signed him in January for 400K from Brondby. Our squad is again a little younger than in previous year and we played some league and cup matches with average age of 18 – 18,5.

Champions League

The main aim is to go through to the Group Stage because of huge prize money. We beat FC Levadia Tallin, Sheriff Tiraspol and Celtic during qualification. But there were no more joy during the main phase. We played against Marseille, Shakhtar and Chelsea.

We were able to manage only two draws in home matches with Donetsk and Chelsea but we lost the rest of the games in the Groupe Stage and finished fourth with only two points.

We earned about £17M thanks to Champions League prize money and TV revenue what is absolutely crazy money for us and I was able to persuade Board for facilities improvements.

Akademisk Boldklub Gladsaxe_  Senior Fixtures-6

DBU Pokalen 2024/2025

It was an easy way to fifth trophy in a row for us. We beat Hillerod, Aalborg, Naestved and SonderjyskE.

We met our biggest rival, Lyngby BK, in the Final and we have won 3-0 after very good performance and goals by Randrup, Ramkilde and one own goal.

Akademisk Boldklub Gladsaxe_  Senior Fixtures-7

Superliga 2024/2025

If you take a look at fixture screen you can see that we lost only once during this league season. We played the first half of the season with different tactical approach and we tested what should be good for us. But despite that we were able to concede only one goal in the first ten matches of the season.

This sequence ended after a 3-3 draw with Midtjylland at the end of October. But we were still very good despite many changes, some injuries and players outside of their preffered positions and roles.

The first and only loss was with Viborg in away match at the end of February. But it was not a dissaster for us because our aim was not to finished season without defeat. We wanted to play with the new tactic system, new instructions and we wanted to give chance young players.

We used 32 players during this Superliga season, most of the all clubs. We clinched the third league title in a row just eight matches before the end of the season. The biggest highlight of the final part of the season was a 4-0 win over FC Kobenhavn after absolutely fantastic performance. This game was probably the best by us during the spring part of the season.

Very enjoyable was also away match with Midtjylland. We were 1-0 up but they turned it around to 2-1 but we scored two goals during eleven minutes and won 3-2. I only say to myself „this team is very strong, I’m happy with it…“

We finished the 2024/2025 season with 89 points which is a new league record. We scored 65 goals and conceded 19 times.

Superliga_ Overview Stages-vert

Akademisk Boldklub Gladsaxe_  Senior Fixtures-8-vert

Stats 2024/2025

Goalkeeper Ondřej Březina played 47 matches in all competitions. Young goalkeeper William Thorhauge from our own academy played seven matches and he will get more time next season because he is very talented.

The best defender of the season was Lars Sorensen. The „bad man“ from previous seasons when he collected the most yellow and red cards in league history played cleverly and he had 12 assists and scored two goals in 43 matches.

As I wrote above I wanted to play with Jakob Kirk as a left defender and he had a very good start of the season but he was injured for a several months and it ruined his season. Despite this there is a big interest in him from many countries across Europe.

The best player of the season is again midfielder Nichlas Meyer. Our academy graduate had to play outside of his preffered position but he was fantastic and he is learning very fast. He played 37 matches, scored 11 and made 12 assists.

I was very happy with three strikers because Ramkilde scored 16 and Aakjaer and Hansen 10. When Ramkilde and Aakjaer were injured in the same time our academy graduted Michael Hansen was our first choice and he played very well.

We finished this season with 28,245,571 overall balance and 6,049,263 profit.

The upcoming summer will be probably very hard for us because european clubs are interested in our 21 players…I hate the „Wnt“ icon.

Keysi Rensie_  Home-3

Akademisk Boldklub Gladsaxe_ Players Players

The Youth Intake this season was very average but we signed a contract with midfielder Stefan Holm who came from some local club to our team.

Stefan Holm_ Overview Profile

He is 18-years-old, he could play in the centre or left side and he could be a very good Superliga midfielder if his development will be right. I moved him straight to the Senior Squad after Youth Intake and he played three matches in the final part of the season.

If there will be players exodus during summer he will be probably in the first XI next season.

If you are interested in some insight of this save just let me know. 

Thanks for reading | @KeysiRensie.


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9 Replies to “FM16: “The Academics” – part XVI – Part of the furniture

  1. Awesome season as usual… 26 points advantage in the league is very confident with that +46GA. You are killing it mate.

    The problem is that if your board can’t resist the interest of big teams all around Europe towards your players , it will be very hard for you in the UCL, that’s a pity. 🙁 But if you keep qualifying yourself to the UCL Group Stages, there will be no problem in squadbuilding and upgrading your youth/training facilities. Celtic was a real challenge I assume. If you could turn those draws into wins it would be massive (UCL Group stage).

    By the way you have some real quality in your squad!

    Keep up the good work mate! Looking for the next update! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the support 😉 I just started to play next season and it looks it will not be that massive exodus as I thought but the summer transfer window is not closed yet…

      I had to renew contracts and increased salaries to some players because they would probably be unhappy…but that’s normal 🙂

      Champions League Group Stage is very close again for the 2025/2026 season, I hope we will go through the play-off.

  2. Good to hear, you can keep the squad together and hopefuly you can strenghten a little bit.

    I’m sure you will reach the group stage again.

    OFF: unfortunately in my hungarian save (ZTE) I had only 1 hungarian talent coming through the club’s academy, which is a real shame, because the youth facilities, youth coaching and youth recruitment is fully upgraded. And the real pain is that the guy went to Norwich because the board accepted a ridiculously low amount of money for him, which I don’t understand to this date… 😀 After 1 year I went for him, wanted to sign him, but he went for Benfica instead… 😀 It was a total emotional meltdown for me.

    1. I was very happy that one of my regens came back after some years in Austria, firstly for loan and then for a free after the end of the contract. Another one declined offer for loan from AC Milan but he is really too good 🙂

      The best thing is I still have one regen, Nichlas Meyer, for many years in the squad and he is still key player and he plays as a God instead I changed the formation and his role and duty. I will probably have to write one part only about him 🙂

  3. Meyer will become the Kurt Zouma of your save… 🙂 (FMFables’ Cremonese save) ofc he was not the product of the Cremonese’s youth system, but he became a legend.

  4. Been reading the last few updates (and some of your FM 2015 Spartans save) and I love the longevity of the saves.

    Another great season. I managed in Norway last year and got to around the stage you are now with FK Fyllingsdalen but I disliked being on a different calendar. Denmark has a very similar calendar to the rest of Europe so it is a great place to manage.

    Meyer is truly phenomenal. It is awesome to see a youth academy player doing well for you.

    Copenhagen is well and truly green.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Adam. It’s a pleasure.

      I agree that a different calendar is little unconventional and it could take long time before you get used to it. I played with this type of calendar a few years ago in Russia and it was very confusing for me so I did not played more than two seasons.

      Meyer is really great, I will probably write something about him same as I wrote about this player during FM15 –

  5. Do make a post about Meyer! He’s like The Legend of AB, but we know nothing about him besides that… Has he played for the National Squad? No? Why!? I would like to know more about him… I do want to write a series about my Regens….

    1. Will write about him for sure 😉 Unfortunately, he has any caps in national team, I really don’t know why 🙂

      If you will write about your regens, let me know, it could be interesting and I would want to read it 😉

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