FM16: “The Academics” – part XV – 12 own players in Senior Squad

Another season with Akademisk Boldklub has passed. As you know from previous part of this save, our club have link with Arsenal FC. It had very positive impact because we were able to sing two absolutely fantastic players on-loan and they were really important on our way to second league title in a row and fourth domestic cup trophy as well. 

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Transfers 2023/2024

In case of outgoing transfers it was not too depresive and we were able to keep our best players which was great. Only defender Michael Fisker moved to Eskisehispor for £220K. I wanted him in the squad but when I declined the first bids he was unhappy and wanted to leave. There was no reason to persuade him…

In winter, our academy graduate Brian Nelsen moved to Hearts for £76K. He would probably not play to much but he was a very good player in previous season and he played from his 16 years in starting XI.

We brought to the club probably most players during this season than in previous seasons. I really wanted to strengthen attack so I decided to spent big money for Henrik Michaelsen who came from FC Midtjylland for £1M.

Our academy graduate Thomas Randrup was signed for a free after end of contract with Red Bull Salzburg. We sold him four years ago for £500K and now he is back with us.

We also signed two young midfielder for both sides of pitch – Jan Rasmussen and Ole Rasmussen. We bought central midfielder Kristian Laudrup from Nordsjaelland and central midfielder Max Morris on-loan from Arsenal.

There are also three young goalkeepers on the list. They were signed for U19 and Reserve tam because they were no goalkeepers after the previous season.

During winter transfer window we also signed a new central defender for half-year loan from Arsenal – Anthony Parker.

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Champions League 2023/2024

We started just in the second qualification round because Denmark lost place in the Group Stage for Champions League and Europa League as well.

We played with Vardar Skopje and we were through after easy 3-1 and 3-0 win. I was able to play the second leg with youngsters and players from reserve team.

Third qualification round was a little bit tougher but it was only our own fault. We played badly and we managed only a 1-1 draw at home in the first leg. The second match was better and we’ve won 2-0. The last step was excellent from us. We played against strong AC Sparta Prague but we won the first leg 2-0 at home and we scored three goals in Prague as well and we were through to the Group Stage.

The draw was very cruel for us – Liverpool, Porto and Monaco. The dream was to finish third and go to Europa League. We started great with 1-0 win against Porto at home thanks to goal by Henrik Michaelsen.

Home games were crucial for us because we lost  in Liverpool, MOnaco and Porto as well. The match with Porto away was crazy. We were 1-0 up, than 3-1 down but we levelled to 3-3. But we conceded three goals from 85th to 88th minute.

FC Porto v AB_ Overview Overview

We had four points before the last match same as Porto. We played with Liverpool at home and Porto with Monaco away. We were big outsiders against Liverpool but it was 1-1 in half-time and Porto was 1-0 down.

When Isco scored the secodn for Liverpool in the 63rd minute, Porto levelled the score against Monaco and we dropped to the fourth place but…

Monaco scored three goals during last ten minutes and won 4-1. But we still needed the equaliser to move to third place. The last attack in 93rd minute, cross from the right side by Meyer found Henrik Jessen in the penalty area and our academy graduate scored the second goal. We finished third in the group and were able to continue in Europa League…


Akademisk Boldklub Gladsaxe_  Senior Fixtures-4UEFA Champions League_ Overview Stages

Europa League 2023/2024

It was very short episode by us in the Europa League this time. We got Fiorentina for the first Knockout Stage and they were absolutely beyond our abilities. We secured a 3-3 draw at home but only thanks to a late goal by Jessen in the 90th minute.

The second leg was like cat vs. mouse. They were 2-0 up at half-time and scored another two just after the break. We were able to score two goals during two minutes but that was all from us. Fiorentina could score another four or five goals in the rest of the match but our goalkeeper was in good form despite four goals.

Akademisk Boldklub Gladsaxe_  Senior Fixtures-5

DBU Pokalen 2023/2024

We won this domestic competition three times in three previous seasons and we wanted to win again despite we knew we will play mostly with youngsters and regens.

It was no problem for us. We beat Aarhus, Randers and Aalborg as well. We got FC Kobenhavn in the Semi Final and we beat them 4-0 at home in the first leg. We let play youngsters in the second leg and we lost 2-5 but were through to the final.

I wanted to play with youngsters as well in the final so it was more tougher than if we play with the best players. The match ended 0-0 after the 90 minutes but we scored the winner in the first minute of extra-time thanks to this…


Akademisk Boldklub Gladsaxe_  Senior Fixtures

Superliga 2023/2024

After our first league title after a very long time last season, we were not big favorites for new season. We were priced at 26.00 to win the title.

But our results were good and we were around top three from the start. We lost with Silkeborg and Aalborg during first ten matches but after that we have not lost until the April of next year.

There were great results like 5-1 win against Nordsjaelland, 3-2 against FC Kobenhavn or 4-0 against Hobro IK thanks to a hattrick by Kenni Aakjaer.

We were first in the table five matches before the end of the season and we needed to win at least two of them but FC Kobenhavn lost points, we beat FC Midtjylland and we were champions three matches to go.

We celebrate the second league title in a row with a 2-1 win against Viborg despite we played with very rotated squad and some youngsters. Lovely effort by our boys.

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Stats 2023/2024

Striker Kenni Aakjaer was the best goalscorer this season with 22 goals in all competitions. New signing Henrik Michaelsen scored 20 goals and made five assists. Good first season with the club and he is linked with move to some big clubs like Manchester City for example. Marco Ramkilde scored 17 goals from wings.

Midfielder Nichlas Meyer who played mainly at right wing made fifteen assists in all competitions. Defenders Lars Sorensen and Carsten Kanstrup had ten assists.

Defender Lars Sorensen collected 18 yellow cards and 3 red cards. Despite this he was named player of the match six times and he had 7.37 average rating (second best). The best average rating had midfielder Max Morris who was on-loan with us from Arsenal.

We finished this season with £18,385,286 overall balance and with £5,250,039 profit. Our average age was 20,9 this season.

Keysi Rensie_  HomeAkademisk Boldklub Gladsaxe_ Players Players-6

We struggle with regens during last two seasons and there were not many talents around our squad. But what I saw it’s problem for all Danish clubs and national teams. Neither Under 19 and Under 21 were able to reach final EURO tournaments and Senior National Team finished EURO 2024 with three defeats in the Group Stage and the average age of the team was 31 years.

My main aim for the next years is clear – I really need to improve our recruitment and I want to scout young talents around the whole nation.

This season we had 12 players from our own academy in the Senior Squad which is great.

But I want more 🙂


Thanks for reading. @KeysiRensie.

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5 Replies to “FM16: “The Academics” – part XV – 12 own players in Senior Squad

  1. Congratulations mate!

    This was a good season again domestically, you had no opposition really. Your youths looks good. The Arsenal loanee’s looks quality as well. The winning goal in the cup was a funny one. In my save, these kind of goals occur every 10 matches IIRC.

    UCL and EL is a tough one… The UCL group was really hard for your team at this “developing” stage, but still you got the 3rd spot what is a good achievement. Then Fiorentina came and it was over. That’s a shame that you got them in the first knockout round.

    Overall, I’m looking forward to the next update, your story is quality and thanks for your effort informing us about your awesome career!

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Thank you 😉

      I think it’s very important for me to qualify to Champions League Group Stage again because of many. There is a prize money aroun 8M. I need money to improve facilities for Senior Squad and Youth as well if I want to continue with younsters and produce my own players.

      We had very good youth intake in first seasons but it was very bad in last two seasons and there were only two players with some potential…But I still enjoy the save and that’s the most important 🙂

  2. Yes, getting into the UCL Group Stage must be the most important task in these kind of saves. When the money is there, you can improve both training and youth facilities + getting better “u-coaches”, better youth improvement, wider area where the regens coming from.

    Unfortunately not only the facilities and those kind of things matter getting better youths in your team. It would be awesome if you can “upgrade” or at least get some kind of impact in your nations average youth ratings. I think the “youth rating” and “game importance” factors are fix so you can’t change them only in the editor… but that’s not fun if you change these kind of things in this way.

    1. Yeah, Champions League money is huge boost. I now have around 10 youth coaches and working on improving of facilities. I have six players in Under 19 national team.

      I hired a new scouts after the end of this season and send them around Europe. The knowledge could help to youth intakes in case there could be foreign young players. We’ll se how far it will go…I have younger and younger squad. I’m under 20 in overall now…:)

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