FM16: Attacking Corner Kicks Routines

After an articles about Throw In, Free Kicks and Defending Corners Routines for FM16, there is a bran new guide who is dedicated to my Attacking Corner Kicks Routines. Same as in the previous articles these Routines are available to download at the end of this article.

Before the Routines themselves I want to write something about Attacking Corners in general. The most important thing is to have the most suitable corner kick taker. The attributes you should look for are Corners + Crossing, Passing and Technique. And it’s useful if this player has “Curls Ball” as a preffered move.

If I tried to find some players with the best attributes which I mentioned, the best suitable player was Toni Kroos…

Very important part of your attacking corners is you have to decide if you want to curve crosses towards the goal or from the goal. If your right-footed player will deliver corner from the left, ball will go towards the goal, and conversely. That’s how I play.

You are able to choos from six types of Corner Aim – mixed, short, near post, far post, penalty spot and 6 yard box.

As you will see I use one Routine which I used during last year and I wrote about it there – FM15: Attacking Corners. With FM16 and new set piece editor we are able to use three Routines together so I made another two Routines.

Player Positioning

You can also choose from several player positions – Stay Back/Stay Back If Needed, Go Forward, Attack Near/Far Post, Near Post Flick On, Stand On Far Post, Attack Ball From Deep, Challenge Keeper, Lurk Outside Area and Offer Short Option.

In all of my Routines there are a minimum of two players who stay back or they stay back if needed.

Routine #1

As I wroute above this first Routine I use from Football Manager 2014. I think it’s very good one and I scored many goals thanks to this during last two previous version of game.

Player roles – Attack Near & Far Post, Challenge Keeper, Go Forward (2x), Lurk Outside Area and Attack Ball From Deep.

Football Manager Corners

The most important roles are Challenge Keeper and Attack Ball From Deep for me. The player who challenge keeper should have the highest attributes of strength and jump. It is likely that he will be able, for example, to block the ball from the goalkeeper, or at least uncomfortable him.

The player who attack ball from deep can score from every position in penalty area if the cross was sent to wrong area or the ball was cleared out from six yard box.

Football Manager Corners

But if someone of you use similar routine you surely know that most goals are scored by players at Near & Far Post where I always put players with the best heading and jumping attributes.

Routine #2 – Near Post

The second Routine is focused on Near Post so you should instruct player with best heading attribute to be as Attack Near Post and Near Post Flick On. The important thing is you have to instruct corner taker to deliver ball to the Near Post of course.

Football Manager Corners

There are again roles like Challenge Keeper and Attack Ball From Deep. There is also a role Attack Far Post in case ball will be too high or players at near post miss the ball.

I think it’s very important to have Lurk Outside Area Role because the ball is very often cleared out from penalty area with this Routine so he can shoot or make another cross.

This player should have a good finishing, long shots, technique and first touch attributes. It could be useful if he has a preffered moves like shoots from distance, shoots with power and curls ball.

Football Manager Corners

Routine #3 – Short option

The last Routine is my very popular because I always love to use this during my real life football times. It was great when we pass the ball near the corner flag and one of us made hard shot or deliver precise cross towards the goal.

Football Manager Corners

There are these Roles – Offer Short Option, Attack Near Post, Challenge Keeper, Go Forward (3x), Attack Ball From Deep, Lurk Outside Area and Stand On Far Post. This role can be very useful when the ball misses all players at Near Post or shot is blocked by keeper because he can convert ball to goal.

The player who is instructed as Offer Short Option should have a good Crossing, Dribbling, Passing, Technique, Anticipation and Decisions attributes.

The other option is that player who offer short option lures one or two players and other your players are free in penalty area.

Quite similar way how to score with this Routine is that corner kick taker crosses the ball to penalty area, ball is cleared out to your player who originally offered short option and he is free to shoot or cross the ball. Like in this video…


All feedback and comments are very welcome. I’m sure that most of you have very good Routines as well so it would be great if you share them with all of us.

If you download these Attacking Corner Kicks Routines and you want to use them in game you have to put files to this directory: C:\Users\user\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\tactics. In game you have to go to Tactics/Set Pieces/Free Kicks and Load Routine(s).

If you have patch 16.2. you have to put these files to this directory: C:\Users\user\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\set pieces

One last note: As I wrote above you can choose from a several player positions but you can not set more players to some positions. It would be great if we could set two or more players to Challenge Keeper or more players to stand at near post.

Thanks for reading. @KeysiRensie.


A Football Manager addict and lover for many years. You can follow me on Twitter or in Football Manager Slack – #fmrensie channel.

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    1. Hi, what is wrong? You have to put all files to this directory: C:\Users\user\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\set pieces and load them in Tactics/Attack corners. Be sure you click on Attack Corners…

      1. Hey Keysi,

        I couldn’t find these files when I am looking for them in FM.
        The game can’t see them. Please leave a screen how to do it.


  1. that’s fucking awesome 😀 in the last 4 games , my team scored 3 goals after a corner! this is so simple

    thanks 4 that!

  2. To Adam: You have to put all the files to C:\Users\user\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\set pieces -> open the save in FM -> go to Tactics/Corners – Attack.

    You have to Load Routine and then “Create new routine” and Load another one. If you load one routine and then another one there will be still only one. You can load three routines so you have to create three new before you load it.

  3. Hi, thanks for your work, I’d like to know how often you use each of the routines. Do you just randomly change them during a match?

    1. If you load all three routines or you create your own three routines the game will change them during match automatically, it is not possible to change it manually…

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