FM16: “The Academics” – part X – Money talks!

Hello everyone, this is the second part of the third season of my save with Akademisk Boldklub. We were tipped for relegation but we have fought for the promotion until the end. Sadly, it did not happen because we lost in Play-off. It was very good season in which our players gained a lot of experiences.

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Transfers – winter 2018

If you want to ask why the headline of this part includes “Money talks”, this is the reason. Why? We lost four key players during this transfer window because our Board accepted the first bid for them…

Midfielder Lucas Hove Jessen moved to Mjällby AIF, defender Carlos Shiralipour to Jönköpings Södra, Daniel Holm to SK Brann and Adnan Mohammad to Malmö FF for £600K. The last player was my favorite player in the whole squad. I built a team around him and he was the most important player during last two and half year. The saddest thing is that he is not playing in Malmö and he is transfer listed. I will try to bring him back in some time…

We also brought two new players to the squad. We signed a central midfielder Mads Bech from AC Horsens for a free and young striker Daniel Poulsen from Kolding BK (lower league). Bech was brought to the team as a starting XI member, Poulsen as a potential prospect.

Youth Intake – 2018

You all know that the Youth Intake is very important for me because I play with youngsters which was reflected in previous part in which I wroute about that I have 17 players with under 20 age.

This year we were able to welcome some very talented young players to the club. For example – midfielders Patrick Olsson & Dennis Serup, defenders Brian Nielsen & Jonas Jensen and goalkeeper Peter Balstrup.

This 18 years old goalkeeper will be probably our goalkeeper number one from summer 2018 because our current #1 Alexander Nybo doesn’t want to extend his loan and he doesn’t want to sign as a bosman for us. His dream is to play English Premier League for Arsenal so”we are very small club for him.”

Pre-season – winter 2018

We had only four weeks for preparation ahead of the second part of the NordicBet Liga but players came back from holiday in good form fortunately.

We played traditionaly against bigger clubs because of financial income. There were teams like Malmö FF, BK Häcken or AIK Solna and many others. We earned more than £1M thanks to a gate receipts and more than £650K thanks to a TV revenue. Very successful winter for us.

Finances_ Finances Income-2

NordicBet Liga 2017/2018

The last chapter of this part. We were at the first place after the first 18 rounds of the league but the start of the spring part of the season was very bad from us.

We can say that departure of our key players was crucial because we had to play with players which were backup or hot prospects. We gained only one point in the first five matches during March 2018. We were beaten by Hvidovre, Hellerup, Vendsyssel and HB Koge and we dropped from first place to sixth.

But this nightmare time was over straight after start of the new month. We beat Naestved, Roskilde, Vejle and Silkeborg – the first team in the league conceded 4 goals from us including hattrick by Niclas Rohde.

We lost only one match during the rest of the season with Fredericia. After some very good performances we finished second in the league and reached the Promotion Play-off.

We played against FC Vestjaelland, they were bottom in the Superliga but they were very experienced squad. The first match ended with a 2-2 draw at our stadium.

We were very good in the second leg but we missed all chances and Vestjaelland scored only goal eight minutes before the end. We lost and will play NordicBet liga again next season.


We played 33 league matches this season and we scored 60 goals (2nd highest in the league) and concede 37 (5th best). We received 51 yellow cards, most of all teams and we had 1,107 average attendance.

Nichlas Rohed was the best goalscorer same as last year and Marc Maze had the highest average raiting and most assists. Right defender Carsten Kanstrup received 12 yellow cards.


What about stats of all players? I was very happy with contribution of our youngsters. Defender Carsten Kanstrup played most of matches and he is developing in very good player. Midfielder Nichlas Meyer was also fantastic. He scored 8 goals and made 4 assists in 23 matches.

Midfielder René Kirkegaard was very important player during second part of the season and he made everyting possible to replace Adnan Mohammad at the right wing.

But the best player of the season was midfielder Magnus Mattsson for me. He was on-loan at our club from Silkeborg. He was absolutely fantastic player and it’s shame he will not be able to join us for another season because Silkeborg want to give him a chance in their first team.


There will be important changes in summer 2018, you will see in next part…

If you want to see something from the game, some screenshots or something else, let me know in comments.

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