FM16: Free Kicks Routines

After the Throw In Routines I tried to set up Free Kicks Routines for Football Manager 2016 as well. I decided I will make attakcing and defending routines in one article together. I also wanted to thank you for a great response on the previous article about Throw Ins which got a fantastic feedback on social media.

Defending Free Kicks

Same as in other set pieces you are able to set different roles for all players and you can choose from some positions. I made three routines which work good for me during my save with Akademisk Boldklub but you can have other oppinion which you could write to comment section. All feedback is very welcom.

Man Mark Routine

The first routine is called “Man Mark” because there are five players which have a role “Man Mark”. One player has a “Go Back” role, three players are as a “Form Wall” and striker (mostly) Stay Forward.

This routine is focused on man marking which is probably clear from the screenshot and the most important thing is not to let the opponent to the ball. It would be great if there could be a Mark Tall & Small player like when you make a Corners set up.

Football Manager Free Kicks

Wall Routine

The second one is “Wall Routine”. It’s mainly for situation in which opponent team has a free kick from short distance. Two players are in Near & Far post, three players are appointed as Man Mark and five players are in a Wall. No one Stay Forward.

During five matches my opponents had more than twenty free kicks but we conceded any goals from set pieces.

Football Manager Free Kicks

Go Back Routine

The last defending Routine is very defensive one if I call it like that foolishly. Two players are instructed to Form Wall, two players are appointed as Man Mark and rest of the players has a Go Back instruction.

This routine can be considered as a zonal marking defending of Free Kicks but there is no option to choose a role like Zonally Mark Six Yard Box like in Corners set up.

Football Manager Free Kicks


Attacking Free Kicks

Attacking Free Kicks could be very important for your games same as a Corners or Throw Ins. You can choose from Short, Long, Near Post, Cross Centre, Far Post or Best Header instructions. I know that the Best Header instructions is the most used one when you not set up your own Routines and it could be succesful if you have players with good heading attribute so I included this Routine to my three most used Attacking Free Kicks Routines as well.

Best Header Routine

The most important thing is to place your best header to penalty area of course. It’s very useful if that player has a good attributes of Bravery and Of The Ball and Jumping Reach.

Two players are instructed to Stay Back/Stay Back if needed and one player Stay with Taker. One player could Disrupt Wall and I like if one player Mark Keeper. It would be great if there would be a possibility to instruct more players to Mark Keeper…

Football Manager Free Kicks

Short Routine

This Routine I really like because I’m a big fan of goals from a long distance after a well placed shot or hard shot. It’s very important to place ideal player to Stand With Taker position. He should have a good Crossing attribute but also Decisions and Shooting because he has to be able to shoot and make a cross as well.

Very important is to place a minimum of three players to the Wall because they can block opponents to reach ball. One player is again with Goalkeeper and to players Go Forward.

Football Manager Free Kicks

Near Post Routine

The last one is based as Near Post Routine and main goal of this Routine is to deliver ball to before all players where has to be a one of my players who are able to shot from a volley or head ball to the goal.

I think the Mark Keeper position is important as well because he can stop goalkeeper when he rushes for a ball. Free Kick from left side is taken by left footed player and by right footed player from the righ side because the ball have to rotate in the right direction.

Football Manager Free Kicks

Instead I scored six goals in last 15 matches thanks to these Routines the most common goal after a Free Kicks is this one…

…and my most favorite goal from Free Kicks is this one when my player ran behind defence in right time and scored with a well placed shot.


All feedback and comments are very welcome. I’m sure that most of you have very good Routines as well so it would be great if you share them with all of us.

If you download these Free Kicks Routines and you want to use them in game you have to put files to this directory: C:\Users\user\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\tactics. In game you have to go to Tactics/Set Pieces/Free Kicks and Load Routine(s).

Thanks for reading.  @KeysiRensie.


A Football Manager addict and lover for many years. You can follow me on Twitter or in Football Manager Slack – #fmrensie channel.

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  1. Very good mate, some lovely routines in here. I’m finding that changing the crossing style to “float” is improving my routines 100% – what do you have crossing set as?

  2. Hello keyrensie i download the file en put them in the set pieces map but when i want to load the file i see nothing there can jou pls upload it again tnx

      1. Hello i have download it again and put them in the set pieces map but when i want to load it i see nothing still same there is something wrong white the file i think pls check it

      2. i fix it it was a zip file i needed unzip it i see it late tnks man i will try it thanks a lot

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