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The Set Pieces are very important for your success. We all know it. We also know that we have a new Set Piece creator thanks to Football Manager 2016 with Routines. I wrote about attacking and defensive corners during FM15 and I wanted to write something about Throw Ins because this Set Piece could be a very big weapon for everyone. 

What are Routines? You can create three different Routines for your Corner kicks, Free kicks and Throw In. From both sides – left & right. You can set different set piece taker for each Routine. Important note – if you not add set piece taker to each Set Piece it could not be played correctly because corners or free kick will be played by player with bad attribute(s).

Official description: “Football Manager 2016’s powerful, yet easy-to-use set piece creator allows managers to set up multiple set piece routines to be used across multiple tactics; with different set pieces for each set piece taker, new zonal marking options and much, much more.”

If you create three Routines they will be mixed during the match so your team will be more creative and will use all variations of concrete Set Piece.

Throw In Types

You can choose from four types of Throw In – Long, Short, Quick and Mixed.

The Long Throw In is great to use when you have some player with Long Throw and it will be more effective if he has “Possesses Long Flat Throw” as a preffered move.

The Short option of Throw In is good to use when you play with slower tempo or your team is wasting time more often.

The Quick Throw In is great when you play with a high tempo style or if you want to play fast. It could be a good weapon when some opposition player is unable to mark your player and I always to use this option when I play for counter-attacks.

Long Throw In

Let’s start with the very popular type of Throw In – Long. Everyone know the “know-how” of Rory Delap who is the master of the Long Throws. If you want to read very depth article about this, just check this ARTICLE by Merry Guido.

The most important thing for long throw ins is to have player with the best Long Throw attribute and you should give him an individual training of this attribute as well. Or you can give this training to other players to reach their potential. In my save with AB Copenhagen I don’t have players with big Long Throw attribute so far but it nevermind.

What about positions of players? Two players are at Near Post, one player have instruction Come Short because he can bring one or two opponent.

Football Manager Throw-In

Three players are in the penalty area and one player Lurk Outside Area which is good when opposition player move ball outside the penalty area. This player should have a good Long Shots and First Touch attributes.

This position could be very useful when this player is free and Throw In taker move ball to him so he could shoot just only a few meters outside the penalty area.

It’s also useful when player passes the ball to your unmarked central defender on your own half when the second CD offer short option.

Football Manager Throw-In

Two players always Stay Back. I have a system that if Throw In is from left side the right back stays back with left central defender. From the right side is reversed. Of course it depends if you play with four defenders. If not the players positions can change.

Short Throw In

This option is very succesfull during my FM16 save with AB Copenhagen. There is a change in players positions. Two defenders Stay Back, one player Lurk Outside Area and three players are in the penalty area but there are no players at Near Post.

Football Manager Throw-In

Three or four players Come Short. The number of players which go for a ball depends on who is Throw In taker.

If Throw In is from left side right winger and right central midfielder go forward with Striker. Again, it depends on your formation and attributes of players.

Quick Throw In

The last option of Throw In is quite similar to short version with some differencies. Two players are in penalty area, on player at Near Post and three players come short.

Football Manager Throw-In

It’s only a little modification of short version because Throw In taker has many options to move ball to the players which come to him or he can move the ball to the player who go to upfront to the Near Post.


I tried to find some stats of Throws, mainly how often was concrete Routine used but this stat is not in game. So the best way how to analyse Throw Ins is to open Analysis in some match, click Throw In in Set Pieces and there you can view every Throw Ins during match.

You can also click on each icon and you can watch highlight of each action. Thanks to this you are able to see which Routine was used and you are able to analyse positions of players.

Football Manager Throw-In

What I miss?

The new set piece creator is good and it is very useful but I miss one thing. More positions for Throw In. It’s great that your player could go to the Near Post or many players could come to the taker but if you have Throw In at the right side your left side is empty. And there is no option to tell some of your player that he can go to the corner of penalty area. Like in the screenshot…

It would be great if two players switch the ball between them and the Throw In taker passes the ball to other side of the pitch where is a free space for another player who can shoot or cross the ball.

Football Manager Throw-In


My players from Akademisk Boldklub scored some very nice goals after the Throw Ins so you can take a look that some of this Routines works very well.

If you want to download these Throw In Routines the link is bellow. You have to put files to this directory: C:\Users\user\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\tactics. In game you have to go to Tactics/Set Pieces/Throw Ins and Load Routine(s).

Football Manager Throw-In


Thanks for reading. @KeysiRensie.


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  1. Really good, thanks. I find the tactics creator rather clumsy, still plenty of scope for SI to improve. I have a question, the tactic creator seems to move my players around after I save them in position, do you know why this is? Thanks.

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    ne Question. Does the game automaticly change between quick, short and long?

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