FM16: “The Academics” – part IV – long winter break & Youth Intake

As I wrote in previous part, we had a very long mid-season break. It took more than three months when players were on holiday and there was not much to do. I wanted to bring some new players to the club but we have very limited funds so we were able to make only one loan signing. There was the first Youth Intake as well and it looks very promising for us. 

Another five players left our club and all of this departures was mainly due to a bad financial situation. As I wrote we only brought one player on loan. It’s young midfielder Johannes Ritter from Nordsjaelland. He can play mainly on the right side as an MR or Winger. He has good acceleration, pace and crossing by the standards of this competition.

Youth Intake 2016

One of the main goals of most of my saves is to develop the most amount of young players as I am able to the annual youth intake is very important for my club in each saves. The first youth intake in this game was at the start of March 2016 just two weeks before the start of the second part of this season. And it was very surprising and gratifying at the same time.

There are some very promising young players. The candidate squad beat in friendly match our current Under-19 squad 3-0. I chose three players of which I think are the best.

It’s Danish midfielder René Kirkegaard who can play on both sides as a Winger. He is able to play as a Defensive Winger or Wide Midfielder as well. There is also young Czech defender Simon Svoboda who can play as a Central Defender or right Wing Back. And the third one is right Winger Kristian Bernburg.


…for the second part of the 2015/2016 season. If there will be some injuries we probably will have some problems in attack because we are short of attackers but it could be solved by a change of the formation. Let’s play for the promotion!


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