FM16: “The Academics” – part III – Autumn Champions

The first part of the 2015/2016 season is behind us and it was very diffident start to life with this Danish side. Mainly because of the fact that the club is semi-professional and the players do not train every day, it’s harder to increase tactic familiarity faster as you should expect. 

Danish 2nd Division is divided to three groups with eight teams in each of this group.

Rules are simply.

The first four teams reach qualification to Promotion Group, the last four teams will play in Relegation Group. During autumn part of the season we played 14 games in Group A.

And we have won our group despite not very good results and not satisfactory style of play.

We started league campaign with a 2-1 win against Holbaek B&I at home. We were down just two minutes after the half-time but we scored two goals in the last fifteen minutes. We lost the second game, won the third and lost the fourth. It was like on a swing…We were sixth in the league after the first seven matches and bosses were not happy.

The second half of this campaign was more successfull. Players were more familiar with 4-4-2 tactic and we have won four matches. Thanks to a win in the last match against B.1908 we moved to the first place in the table and won the Autumn season one point ahead of Hvidovre IF and two points ahead of Holbaek B&I.

We also participated in DBU Pokalen in which we had to go to the third round. The board were pleased we have reached this expectation. We beat Greve in the first round and Vanlose in the second round. The final match we played in third round against Naestved and we were knocked out after a 0-1 defeat.

There were very much mistakes and inaccuracies in our games. We were very bad in some matches and it was very dissapointing and depresive. But. One of the autumn’s matches will be probably my favorite for a long time. It’s a match against Bronshoj BK at home which was played at the start of the October.

We started this match with a 4-2-3-1 tactic and we played very good just from the start but Bronshoj took the lead after nine minutes thanks to a goal by Patrick Naundrup. Jonas Troest received two yellow cards in two minutes and was sent-off. Bronshoj scored the second goal three minutes before the half time and Rasmus Hanses was sent-off after the second yellow card three minutes later.

We made some changes during half time and played with 4-3-1 tactic during the second half. We wanted to play counter-attacking style and it was good decision. We scored two goals in the 51st and 57th minute and leveled the match. Despite we played without two players we were much better side which is reflected by the match stats.

And we completed the turnover thirteen minutes before the end of the match when Marc Maze scored the winner. Very nervous and interesting game.


Our best goalscorer is midfielder Adnan Mohammad who is on loan in our club. Nikola Staric has five assists in just only eight apperances for club because of injuries and another new player Marc Maze has the highest average rating. We have received six red cards and William Kvist was voted as player of the match in three matches.

The bad information is that our financial situation is worse than at the start of the save. We have -23,646 loss, I was only able to decrease wage budget thanks to some departures. I will arrange some “Friendly Cup” or “Friendly League” with clubs with higher reputation and I will hope the fans will come to the matches. Our average attendance is about five hundred fans per match so far.

The players will now left the club for mid-season break and they will be back after more than three months and only one month before the start of the second part of this season. The mid-season break is scheduled from 11 November 2015 to 26 February 2016. We will play 22 league matches during spring. Top three teams win promotion to NordicBet Liga.


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