FM16: My most favorite new features (Review)

I decided I will not write a typical Review like in previous years. When I spent some first hours with the new Football Manager 2016 some time ago I discovered a lot of big and small improvements and new features from which I was happy. This article is not a typical review, it’s list of my most favorite new features which can be very helpful for every player.



The first thing I want to mention is „Side Bar Icon Only“. This feature is very welcome by me because I chose this in every custom skin in last year version. So I’m very glad that IS implented this to the default skin. You can turn it on in Prefferences.


There are many new features in your News. I very like the option to view match higlights stright from your mailbox. The higlights of every matches in concrete round, not only your match. Just click on the TV icon and higlights will load and show after a couple of seconds.

The Home screen also looks better because there are more panels and you can see the stadium picture next to information about your next match (if you use some of stadium pictures pack of course). Great addition is in Squad Status panel where you can open the list of injured players or wanted players if there are more. That’s fantastic new feature because you don’t need to go to the squad screen a check who is injured.


The Player Profile Screen was revamped as well and I’m big fan of it. There is more information in one screen and if you have a big resolution you can see all the important info about your players.


Same as the Player Profile Screen was improved the Staff Profile Screen is better in FM16 with bigger amount of information. More important new feature about Staff is there is newly Staff Shortlist with same function as Player Shortlist. You can now add some coaches, managers or other Staff to the shortlist and you can have information about them in one screen. You do not need to search them again every time you need to know something about them.

There is new screen with Staff Overview where you have graphical representation how many Staff you have and you can see Staff comparison with other teams in league you currently play. You can go stright from this screen to other screens like „Coaches Allowed“ or you can arrange meeting with Board and talk about Coach Wages and more. It’s much faster and it saves your time.

Your Staff also can give you a better feedback about your players or tactics and they can recommend you some changes in tactics when you go to Staff Advice meeting.


This is completely new feature and stats about your players and team is again much more detailed than in the previous versions of the game. There are many articles about this feture or video guides so I think i tis not necessary to write more about it. I would like to recommend you article by FM Central or videos by Foxy Play Things.

AB v Middelfart G&BK_ Analysis Teams


The new Tactics screen was (and will be) very duscussed by all users around the blogs, forums and social media. I was a little surprised when I saw the „squares“ for the first time but the most important thing is if it works well. And after some time with the new look I have no problem with these squares. You can quickly change some information in tactic pitch and the new Suitbaility for role and duty icon and overal physical condition/match sharpness icon is very useful for me.

There is revamped section with Team Instructions as well. What I can say about it? I have won domestic league, domestic cup and I was in the Europa League Semi Final in the first season with AC Sparta Prague so it works very well… :- ) This screen is much clearer and I like this change.


One of the very important new feature is revamped Set Pieces creator in which you can save up to three routines for corners or free kicks. You can share these routines as tactics. That could be very popular within the FM Community.

Tactics_ Set Pieces Corners

Another very good feature for me is some information in your mailbox. The information about training camp squad is better same as the news about International call up where you can see which player is missing (and why) or which player was nominated to the national team for the first time.

When you start a new save you can choose when the game will start. You can choose from Early Pre-Season, Start of the Season or First matches of Champions League/Europa League.

There is a new feature about your profile in the game. You can now set up your Avatar which you can see during the match in the dugout. It’s a nice try but this is not much important for me so I don’t want to say if it’s good or bad idea.

I probably forgot something, but I believe I wrote the most important things. I love the small new features in general so I think I will discover some other during next weeks and months. Enjoy FM16.


A Football Manager addict and lover for many years. You can follow me on Twitter or in Football Manager Slack – #fmrensie channel.

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