FM15: Twenty years with Spartans FC

This is the final part of my Football Manager 2015 career with Spartans FC. It was the best choice I could have done. I spent there 7270 days and received 106 awards. On the lines below, I look back on twenty years with Spartans FC.

I started this save as a 28 years-old manager with a regional reputation and very bad attributes as you can see on the screenshot. After 20 years in charge of Spartans, I have World Class reputation and “much better” attributes.

I was 7270 days in charge of Spartans FC. We played 1097 matches, we won 718 of them. We drew 204 matches and lost 175 games. We scored 2584 goals and conceded 1290 goals. We won 33 cup competitions and 13 league competitions. We were promoted four times.

We bought 101 players for a fee around 105M£ and we sold 61 players for a fee around 221M £. Highest fee spent was 11,75M £ for midfielder Juan Fernando Diosa in summer 2031. The highest fee received was 55M £ for Serbian midfielder Darko Popovic from Real Madrid.

There were a lot of famous players in the club during the past twenty years. Many interesting a quality footballers. Alisdair Sutherland, who could play on every position at the left side, has the most league appearances for club – 418 matches. He is the oldest player who played in a competitive match. He played against Motherwell when he was 35 years and 265 days. He is the clubs oldest goalscorer as well.

Fastest goal? John Wilson scored against St. Mirren after 8 seconds. Another two records hold Graham Paterson. My favourite player of this save. He holds the record of most assists in single-season – 26 in 2023/2024. And this player scored 140 league goals for the club, no one scored more.

We finished this save with 335 matches without defeat in a row in Scottish Premier League!

Overall Best Eleven

Thank you all for support during this save there on my blog or on my Twitter. I hope you enjoyed it. It was a really good game!!!

A Football Manager addict and lover for many years. You can follow me on Twitter or in Football Manager Slack – #fmrensie channel.

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