FM16: shirts or squares? Functionality video speaks for itself

One of the most discussed new features of Football Manager 2016 was (or still is) Tactics Screen because there are no shirts. FM fans from all around the world, including myself, were little confused, surprised…someone maybe annoyed.

I think people from SI and Miles Jacobson himself just did not expect such a response on this matter. I discovered something like a petition at one forum and users wanted to sent it to Miles because they wanted shirts back in game…

Miles eventually „capitulated“ and he prepared a video for the fans. He presented some new functions on this screens straight at the squares – condition & match sharpness -> it was in FM15 yet and fans complained about a lot of injured players. And this has a big impact on injuries. There will be newly indicator straight in this screen.

There is a new button on the right side of the screen. You can change the view and display more information. On the square with some player you can see his number, indicator of role suitabillity, role & duty. You can change view between „Show Role and Duty“ and „Show Extra Player Information“.


When you click with right mouse button onto a player you can remove him from position or change his role. You can also go to player instructions screen and edit instructions. The „Player Instructions“ screen will be a new for FM16. It was a little inattention by Miles, who revealed it in the published video. Thank you Miles 🙂

New Players Instructions screen

When you click with left mouse button onto a player you will see Role and Duty description  Important attributes, player instructions and you can change the Role and Duty stright there. It’s quite similar like last year.

Major unknown was if the individual squares will overlap when you select „complicated“ formation than 4-4-2. Now it’s clear. If you moved one striker from attack to midfield, squares will be smaller and they will not interfere with each other on screen.


Really makes sense now and is actually much better and nicer to use by the looks of things. Looking forward to use it. The functionality is the most important thing of all of this.


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  1. The video dispelled all doubts – it’s a good change and now I’m even looking more forward to FM16. The overhauled team and player instructions screens look tasty, too. I like them very much as it looks like they finally put some sort of graphical feedback in. Yay! 🙂

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