FM15: Spartans FC Update – 2027/2028: New era at Spartans Stadium

This is one of the most important moment in the Spartans FC history and key moment for this save. After two years the Spartans board had proudly announced the completion of the club’s move to Spartans Stadium with capacity 20,438.

Old stadium – Ainslie Park – was sold. We had to play matches in the Champions League and Europa League at Hiberninan’s or Heart’s stadium because Ainslie Park did not meet UEFA criteria. But that’s no longer needed thanks to our new home. It had been necessary for the club to take out a loan of £34,87M to complete the works.

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A new era egan on July 10 2027 when Spartans FC played Pre-season friendly against BVB Dortmund. Attendance was 20,195. Spartans were 2-0 up at the half-time but visitors tied the game thanks to two goals by Erich Bierhoff. Another friendly was against Zenit and we won 2-0 thanks to goals by Gary Scullion and Tom McAllister.

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The first competitive match at the new Spartans Stadium was played against Celtic. The first league match of the 2027/2028 season ended with a comfortable 3-0 win thanks to goals by Tom McAllister, Valentino Lazzaroni and John Smith.

In the first ten games of new Scottish Premier League season we scored 25 goals and conceded only three goals. We won all ten matches and we are five points ahead of Celtic. More to come…

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