FM15: Attacking Corners

I wrote about How to defend corners a few weeks ago and this article is about Attacking Corners. There are many „guides“ how to dominate from Corners and this system I used in FM14 and I use it in FM15 too.

It’s not surprising that corners should be taken by a player who has the highest value of „Corners“ attribute in your team. The higher is the better, that makes sense. A good prerequisite for the proper playing of corners is also that if you have a player who prefer left foot and he can take corners from the right side. Players with stronger right foot should také corners from the left side.

Challenge Keeper

One of the most important players in this type of corners is a player who attacks the opposing goalkeeper. The player should have the highest attributes of strength and jump. It is likely that he will be able, for example, to block the ball from the goalkeeper, or at least uncomfortable him. This role should fulfill one of the central defenders who has the best attributes (it’s very useful when you play formations with three central defenders because you will have two more available).

Attack Far/Near Post

Key positions where you have to put players with the best Heading attribute. The best one should be at the near post. It sounds simple, but if player at the near post miss the ball, you still have the second best header at the far post. The player at the far post either proves himself to score, or at least gives you the assurance that keeps the ball in the penalty area.

FM15: Attacking Corners

Attack Ball From Deep

Another place is the position on the edge of the area, which may, if necessary, go into the penalty area on a foiled center, which was originally directed to the front/rear bar. It’s useful if this player has also a good Shots attribute.

Go Forward

Important position if corner is played badly and your opponent plays on counterattacks. It’s useful place there two players because your opponent is forced to send players to penalty area with them you will reduce them to an advantage of a quick counterattack. Clever gimmick in this case may be the put there one high player who does not have the potential to be at the near/far post. The opponent will have to pay attention to him and your players at the near/far post may have a bit more space. These two players should also have high First Touch and Finishing attributes because they should be able to eventually respond to bounce the ball.

FM15: Attacking Corners

Lurk Outside Area

It’s a bit like in the case of the player who take a position on the edge of the area. With the difference that he is not in the middle, but more on the edge of the penalty box. In the case of the reflected ball he can shoot or he can pass to the wing or pass the bal to the penalty area. Required attributes are so easily predictable – Long Shots, Crossing and Passing. He can also stop opponent’s counterattack.

Stay Back 

There are two possibilities. You can choose one player who will be during every corner at the back or you can choose player who will „Stay Back If Needed“. That could be useful when your opponent has exluded player and there is no need to defend so strictly.

FM15: Attacking Corners

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