FM15: Ten Years with Spartans FC

When FM15 was released I needed to decide what type of save I will play. During FM14 times I played in Serbia for FK Žarkovo for more than fifteen years but I wanted to change location. I chose scottish club Spartans FC because they have „Sparta“ in their name.

The main goal of this save was to produce so many own players through own academy as we are capable. I played for ten years with the Spartans and below you will find where we come.

About Spartans FC

Spartans Football Club are a Scottish football club from Edinburgh. They were formed in 1951 by ex-players of Edinburgh University and the original intention was to field a team of graduates of the university, however they have players from elsewhere as well. They play at Ainslie Park and wear white shirts, red shorts and white socks.

The senior team plays in the Lowland Football League. They joined the new league in 2013 after playing in the East of Scotland Football League, where they became one of its most successful clubs from the 1970s. They have been allowed to play in the qualifying rounds of the Scottish Cup since 1978 and have qualified for the cup proper on several occasions.

Ainslie Park on Pilton Drive in north Edinburgh is the home ground of Spartans. The stadium has a capacity of 3,000 (504 seated). Ainslie Park is only part of the new project that Spartans have invested into their new ground. It is part of a wider development of the Spartans Community Football Academy. The new facility incorporates a fully enclosed stadium which meets SFA and SFL criteria, with a grass pitch, floodlights, seating for 504 spectators and an overall capacity of 3,000.


I added the real roster via FM15 Editor because I want to play with current squad. The first season was very easy for me. I used to play with 4-4-2 formation with wingers and attacking mentality. We have won all four friendlies and first competitive match we have won 9-1 against Selkirk. During first thirteen league matches we have won ten and drawn three times & scored 44 goals.

After the end of the league we have celebrated a promotion to the League Two after 21 wins in 26 matches. We have lost no league match in the first season.


I wanted to play in the middle of the table after promotion to the League Two but it failed because we were even better than we expected. After the first half of the season we were second in the league. At the end of the season we were third with 55 points, only six points behind champions Berwick.

We qualified to Play-off and we were succesfull. We reach promotion to the League One after a 6-5 win on aggregate over Stirling and after a 3-1 win on aggregate over Clyde.


Another new season in higher division and flying start for our team once again. We were second in the league after the first nine matches. After all matches were played we were third in the league again. And we have reached promotion to the Championship via Play-off. Same as last year.

This time we played with Alloa (2-3 & 4-1) and with Livingston in the final (3-2 & 4-2). It was really very fast progress from bottom league to the second tier.


The first season in the Scottish Championship. We are in the same league with Rangers, Hiberninan or Falkirk. What? Yes! After the first matches we were seventh in the table, after twenty matches we were eighth.

The second half of the season was better from us and we ended the season sixth in the table. Our captain, 18-year-old Duncan Moffat, was brought to the Scottish Under-19 squad during season. And that was the brightest highlight of this campaign because he became first player in some national team.

Scottish Championship_ Overview Stages


Start of the second season in the Championship was a little depresive for us. We were very bad and last in the tablec after eight games. But we have gradually improved and we moved up to sixth place after twenty matches.

The second part of the season was, however, very good. After a very good performance and results, we moved up to fourth place in the table, which meant participation in the Play-off.

We were competing with Dundee in the Play-off and the first game we lost 3-4 at home. In the second leg we were the better team and won 2-1. The match had to decide by penalties. Our best player missed in the fourth series and we were knocked out.

Scottish Championship_ Overview Stages-2


Third season in the Championship was very depressing because there were no progress in our results and performances. We finished the season in fifth place in the table. The main problem was that we had no money to spend on transfers and we had the lowest wage budget in the league. We had no funds to improve our youth and training facilities, pitch was horrible…

Scottish Championship_ Overview Stages-3


The fourth season was the turning point. I brought several new players for free after the end of the contract and for the first eighteen matches we were first in the table with a lead of six points.

In the second half of the season, we continued good performance and in the end we won the league by five points ahead of Hibernian and Dundee. We are in the Premier League!

2021/2022 – Graham Paterson “era”

After advancing to the Premier League was the need to acquire new players. A key step was the purchase of striker Graham Paterson.

The first half of the league was not good from our side, but we could not expect miracles. At eighteen matches we won only three times, and we were in eleventh place. The club also had major financial problems, and some players have decided to meet at renewing contracts by agreeing to a salary decrease.

In the second half of the season, we added another seven wins, which meant ninth place in the table. Paterson scored fifteen goals.


The second season in the Premier League was a completely different story. We managed to win 21 games and eventually we ended up in third place in the league. This meant that we secured participation in the qualifying round of the European League for next season.

Graham Paterson became definitely a key player and also became the top scorer with 26 league goals. Midfielder Scott Lochhead had most assists in the league same as last year.



Season 2023/2024 is the latest I’ve played. And it was the most successful season of all. In the preliminary round of Europa League we gradually eliminated Lions Pilots, Debrecen, Istres and Saint-Etienne. In the group stage we met Fenerbahce, Club Brugge and Napoli.

Thanks to three wins and one draw we finished second in the table behind Napoli and we qualified to the next stage. In the 1st Knockout Round we played with Nottingham Forest and we were through thanks to a 8-4 win on aggregate. In the 2nd Knockout Round we played with Dynamo Kyiv and we were knocked out after a 4-5 aggregate lost. Massive success.

We were great in the Premier Leage as well. From start to the end we were first in the table. The first defeat in the league we have seen until March! Thanks to the excellent performance we won the league by twelve points ahead of Celtic and 24 points ahead of Hearts.

And that’s not all! We managed to win also League Cup (2-1 vs. Aberdeen in the Final) and Scottish FA Cup (3-2 Partick Thistle vs. in the Final).

The winning team


Graham Paterson stats

This forward became the key member of our squad in last three seasons. He played 105 matches in which he scored 86 goals and made 40 assists!!!

Summary 2014 – 2024

Will be continued…


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