FM21 Rensie skin v2

The first version of the FM21 custom skin was released at the end of November last year. I edited the skin mainly for my own since the release in several ways and several places. I was just developing my own skin version, same as in the past. And I decided to release version number two … Read more

FM21 | My counter-corner ballad

There were times when I almost every second day shared the message starting “One for FMSamo klaxon” in the Football Manager Slack. It meant I scored a counter corner goal. It was really often and we enjoyed scoring these goals. It’s really great to see the simple counter with a rippling net at the end. … Read more

FM21 | Next match only

Do you consider tactical changes for just one match when you know you’re underdogs? Or you just have some feeling it won’t be your day? I’m the same, especially after the promotion to the top tier in my current save with GAIS. It’s not about the complete tactics overhaul in my case. I like to … Read more

FM21 & GAIS: The simple tricks and the promotion

It looks one month of a real-life is enough to finish the one season in the virtual world of the Football Manager 2021 for me. I recently ended the 2021 campaign with GAIS and we earned the promotion to the Swedish top tier at our second attempt. The game didn’t make it easy for me. … Read more

EdsFM – Bodø/Glimt – Seasøn 6: Abøve & Beyønd

Welcome back loyal Bodø fans. Season 6 is done and dusted, apart from the Champions League of course as that rolls over to Season 7 if I make the knockout stages…spoiler alert? This season was our best yet, 6 seasons in and we are still able to improve year and year which is just great, … Read more